Kentucky Woman Attacked For Unborn Baby Appears On Oprah

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A northern Kentucky mother-to-be who killed a woman that tried to steal her unborn baby appears on Oprah Friday.

A book has been written about the horrific ordeal that happened last year in February, and now Sarah Brady is ready to share her story with the nation.

Sarah Brady was 9 months pregnant when a woman named Katie Smith got her information from an on-line baby registry. Smith called Sarah and said she'd received some of her baby gifts by mistake and asked Sarah to come by and pick them up.

Police say when Sarah got to the apartment Smith was waiting with a knife. Sarah said she tried to escaped, but she didn't know what to do. Smith, who was pretending to be pregnant, then faked that she was going into labor.

Sarah says, "it tore me up. I didn't know what labor was. Here was this girl I barely knew in excruciating pain, but on the other hand my mind says get the hell out of that apartment."

That's when things turned violent, Sarah says smith attacked her and as she tells Oprah she thought her life was about to end.

"At this point I am petrified. I am thinking my God I'm gonna die. She tells me no one is home and I'm screaming trying to get the door open. She's hitting me as hard as she can. Suddenly she puts her hands around me, around my neck and pulls me back into the apartment," Sarah explains.

Sarah was able to grab the knife from Smith and she stabbed her 3 times, then ran from the building and called 911. Katie Smith died that day, but Sarah Brady and her unborn child survived.

Sarah's healthy baby girl, McKaila Grace Halton, was born a week after the attack. Sarah's book is called Saving Grace: The True Story of a Mother To Be, A Deranged Attacker and an Unborn Child.

The book will be released December 1st. Sarah's interview with Oprah is Friday afternoon at four, here on WKYT.