Police Department Starts MySpace Page

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Many people like to keep up with trends. You can put Richmond Police on that list.

With so many chatting and telling all on personal web pages, RPD hopes to crack a case or two on MySpace.

Just a week ago Major Steve Gregg, a veteran officer, wasn't too familiar with the popular MySpace website. A talk with his college-aged daughter changed all that.

"She said dad, you guys (the police) are the only ones not on MySpace. So, I approached the Chief."

Now if you log on, you'll find the narcotic, street crimes and criminal investigation units of Richmond Police designed an elaborate site.

"We wanted to let the public know the good stuff we've done like in narcotics and the other units."

With the page up running for one wee, 571 people have visited the site. Some have left negative comments about police, but others leave some great tips about Richmond's most wanted.

"People email you and say, I know that person."

The site goes as far to post pictures from drug bust and still shots of robberies caught on tape.

Some may question if this is the appropriate way for police to fight crime, but Major Gregg insists it's a useful tool.

"It's better communication with the public. I think you have a positive image."