Burglary suspect caught on camera, then caught by police

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A Lexington Police officer was in the right place at the right time early Tuesday morning to catch a suspected burglar.

The Discount Tobacco Zone on North Broadway was robbed for the second time in six months.

Some might call it a daring task, considering the amount of cameras inside and outside of the business.

27 NEWSFIRST obtained the video of the break-in, showing the burglar break through the store's doors with a hammer and his t-shirt pulled over his head.

The employees say the man then filled a cardboard box with thousands of dollars worth of lottery tickets and cigarettes before leaving the same way he can in.

A police officer then saw the suspect outside the store and tried to stop him but say the suspect ran.

Officers finally caught him on Dakota Avenue. Stanford Hayes is charged with burglary and fleeing and evading police.

In December, the same store was burglarized by two people trying to get in through the drive-thru window.

Police say the arrested one of the two suspects in the crime.

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