Some law enforcement agencies hiring during tough economy

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There are law enforcement agencies cutting back and facing reductions across the country.

"I do know some that are having some troubles making budget and payroll," says Officer Scott Harvey with the Nicholasville Police Department.

However, that are others that are looking to hire.

"We have a steady stream of applicants coming in," says Officer Scott Harvey.

"We're hiring ten. We've hired four already so we have six openings left," says Sheriff Kathy Witt, with the Fayette County Sheriff's Department.

"We're pretty much hiring all the time," says Officer Scott Harvey.

"We're looking for really committed men and women who know it is more about the experience. The reward is the experience and being a public servant," says Sheriff Kathy Witt.

Currently, in tough economic times, the Fayette County Sheriff's Department is one agency hiring. The fee-based office which primarily collects most of its money off of property taxes has been cautious ever since the economy started to dip.

"Cautious in our hiring and not hiring to full strength, but hiring enough to maintain the services we do," says Sheriff Kathy Witt.

However after a strong year where most taxpayers were continuing to be able to pay taxes it opened up more positions.

In Jessamine County, Nicholasville Police are finding them in a similar situation. They are also looking to hire.

"It's a retired officer that left us last month and we're filling his position," says Officer Scott Harvey.

Since they depend on the city's budget they say they're fortunate they haven't had to make reductions with our economy the way it is.

"I know money with the city is tight and they're doing what can with budget, but up until this point it hasn't effect us which is a good thing," says Officer Harvey.

They're just hoping in a time when people are looking for jobs that they will take notice of the agencies still hiring.

"It's just a matter of wading through those and getting quality people we need," says Officer Harvey.

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