Jury selection underway in murder trial

It went unsolved for years, a mystery: ho killed Bo Upton and Ryan Shangraw?

Now, seven years after they were gunned down inside a Lincoln County trailer, one of the men accused of pulling the trigger is going on trial.

Jury selection began Tuesday morning in Stanford.

A jury pool of more than 100 men and women packed into the Lincoln County courtroom, but it could be Wednesday before the jury is selected that will ultimately decide the fate of suspect Jamarkos Campbell.

Campbell was the first one arrested, April 20th of last year, after police say DNA evidence linked him to the crime scene.

It's already been brought out in court that Campbell was one of the alleged shooters that broke into Ryan Shangraw's home and opened fire, killing Shangraw and Bo Upton in February of 2002.

Police have said one motive may be robbery, but little else is known about what happened. The start of the trial is seen as a momentous occasion for the victims' families, who feared after 6 years, an arrest would never be made.

The key witness could be Matthew Tolson. He was the second suspect arrested and he has already pleaded guilty.

The trial of the remaining co-defendants is scheduled for July 20th, but that could change depending on what happens in this trial.

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