Social Workers Rally For Safety

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They hope to tell lawmakers how the General Assembly can make social work safer. The rally comes one month after the death of a western Kentucky social worker named Boni Frederick. Frederick was killed during a visit with a parent who no longer had custody of her child.

The mother, Renee Terrell, and her boyfriend, Christopher Lutrell, are accused of Frederick's murder. Police said Terrell and Luttrell then took Terrell's 9-month-old son, Saige, and Frederick's car, cash and jewelry before fleeing and being caught in southern Illinois. The baby's disappearance set off an Amber Alert.

The state had custody of Saige, and Frederick had taken the
infant to Terrell's home in Henderson for a two-hour scheduled
visit the day she was killed.

During a preliminary hearing Tuesday, Henderson Police Detective
Heath Cox said both Terrell and Luttrell admitted beating Frederick
in the head with an iron skillet.

Frederick's daughter, Sandy Travis, is expected to attend the social worker meeting.