Castlewood Park vandalized overnight

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Workers found a big mess when they arrived at Castlewood Park Tuesday morning. Someone drove through some fences and onto two baseball fields.

It's not the first time workers have had to clean up Castlewood Park. Several years ago, a car was left on one of the baseball fields, but this time, they say it was one of the worst acts of vandalism they've seen.

"I think it's awfully sad," says Parks & Recreation Director, Jerry Hancock.

Tuesday morning, workers found the two baseball fields damaged.

"Caused by someone in the community who chose to drive their vehicle on our fields, knocking down the outfield fences and rutting up some of the outfield turf, doing donuts and other mischievous things," says Jerry Hancock

Police later recovered a black truck in an alley off North Broadway that was stolen and belonged to a rental company. They believe that was the vehicle used.

Now workers are cleaning up to get the two fields ready to play on again,

"We've had the turf replaced and repaired and we have a fencing company out there repairing the outfield fence so people won't have an unsafe situation to run into if they're not paying attention," says Jerry Hancock.

Park officials say it will take several days before they are able to get the fence at the baseball fields completely fixed and back up again.

Meanwhile, if you have any information about the person that vandalized Castlewood Park, please contact Lexington Police.

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