Motorcycle convoy stops in Winchester

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Memorial Day sentiment carried over in Central Kentucky Tuesday. A motorcycle convoy that started in California, transporting the remains of three soldiers to their final resting place at Arlington National Cemetery, made a stop in Winchester.

The original contingent of motorcyclists left Sacramento on May 19th and gained riders by the dozens as it made its way toward Washington D.C. by way of Winchester.

Walter Oster, representing a group called Missing In America, told 27 NEWSFIRST, "We've picked them up everywhere, but when we got to Kentucky, it was our biggest stop we've ever seen."

The bikers efforts to make sure that these 3 brave soldiers are laid to rest on the nation's most hallowed ground is part of the Missing in America Project.

Oster explains, "That's where veterans hunt veterans who have not been buried appropriately, whether it's the homeless, the weak, or the indigent, and we've found guys who have been cremated and are sitting on shelves all over the nation."

The three highly decorated military men whose remains are being carried eastward this week are heroes in every sense of the word.

Buffalo Soldier Isaiah Mays, won the Medal of Honor and yet was buried in a pauper's grave behind the hospital where he spent his final days.

Walt Oster says, "We found him wrapped in a carpet in a shallow grave, and now we're taking him home."

When a Japanese plane dropped a live bomb onto the deck of Johnnie Callahan's ship in World War II, he picked it up and threw it overboard before it could explode. His family says Callahan always dreamed of being buried in Arlington National Cemetery, and now finally, he will be.

James William Dunn was a combat medic who risked his own life countless times to treat the wounded and carry them out of harms way during a firefight in Vietnam.

The official ceremony honoring these soldiers won't take place until May 29th in Washington, but they were welcomed to Winchester by the mayor and an enthusiastically patriotic crowd that waved flags and shook the hands of the motorcyclists in the convoy.

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