Donations stolen from a man dying of cancer

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Donation jars are up at gas stations in Madison and Estill counties to help Jerry Riddell, who is battling cancer, and his family, as they deal with mounting medical bills. But it appears someone other than the Ridells is collecting the money at one store.

Jerry Riddell is dying of cancer.

"I got all the radiation and chemo I can take," says Riddell.

With 8 tumors in his brain, Riddell says with only has two months left to live. His family is now preparing for the worst.

"The jars were set up to help for the funeral and other expenses," says Riddell's wife, Tasha.

Though the family has raised just over $400, they say someone else was cashing in.

"Someone was going and collecting the money and we weren't getting it, and then we got about $600 and someone came in, picked up the jar and walked out with money and all," says Tasha.

It's a hard reality for the Riddells to grasp, hindering the man trying to support his family one last time.

"How low can you be," asks Jerry. "You can go out to work. I can't get out and work. I hope you're happy."

The Riddells say they still have collection jars out in several different locations. The family also plans to have other fund raising opportunities in the near future.

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