New Employer Needs Job Applicants

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300 down, another 300 to go. That's the challenge facing management at the new Walmart on Sir Barton Way. Six hundred employees may sound like a lot, but they have to have that many to serve the customers in the area, and fill the 210,000 square feet building.

The store isn't supposed to open until January 19th, but they have a problem.

"The quantity of applicants has not been large enough. I am concerned about it," said store manager, Chester Gray.

Gray says they do not want to be forced to hire unqualified applicants or face a heavy turnover.

"We want to hire the right people. And we have a diligent screening process. They fill out the application then we have a first interview, second interview, drug test and background check. We don't want to hire people just to be hiring them," Gray said.

The 300 employees who have already been hired are now in training. But they will start filling the store on December 4th and they will need double the manpower to open on time.

"We're hiring 600 jobs, which is a large undertaking and again, we're only halfway there. So we have to have more people come out," Gray said.

The hiring center is located in Hamburg on Alysheba Way. It's in the Anthem building, but there are no exterior signs for Walmart there. Starting pay is seven dollars an hour. They are hiring full and part time.