Police Reveal New Information In Bowling Green Murder Case

Police say they have new information in a western Kentucky murder. It's been five years since 15-year-old Jessie Marie Twilight Crooks was killed in Bowling Green.

Police say what they've done is put together a homicide task force that lets the public in on what they know. They know Jessie was wearing clothes that were not hers and a strange phone call came to the house the night of her disappearance.

Police say, "that one little piece of information, that one person to come forward, that's all we're asking for." It's all the family of Jessie Marie Twilight Crooks can ask for. Now, 5 years have passed since her body was found in a field in Bowling Green.

No one knows who killed her and that lack of knowing is what prompted the development of a homicide task force in the city. Devoted to finding 15 year old Jessie's killer, the task force is releasing new information in the crime. They say Jessie was wearing a jersey when her body was found on September 10 of 2001.

Since the jersey she was wearing isn't her, police are curious to know who it belongs to. In another development, police say the Crook's home received a phone call from a payphone in Bowling Green on the night of Jessie's disappearance. They believe she left home that night with someone she knew. Police are confident that the killer has said or done something in the past five years to identify him or herself, police just need to know what that is.

Police also say the jersey Jessie was found wearing is an Edmonson County High School Baseball jersey.