Father kills toddler in murder-suicide

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It's a crime so horrible, it's difficult to hear. A Bardstown father shoots his young son and then turns the gun on himself.

Looking at the big smile and bright eyes of 21-month-old Cole Frazier, it's obvious he was a happy toddler.

"He was a darling little boy," says Sister Mary Driscoll, a former teacher and current neighbor to Tim Frazier.

Sister Mary Driscoll says she though Timothy Frazier was a good dad, who was once a bright student, so she was shocked to hear he shot his son inside their Tree Top Drive home in Bardstown on Tuesday.

"I just thought he was a loving young man and it was a terrible shock to hear," says Sister Mary Driscoll.

Police say on Tuesday Tim Frazier, in the middle of a custody battle, shot his son and then himself.

"Just because he couldn't get along with my daughter, he does something like this and just destroys peoples lives. He shot an innocent baby," says Kevin Clark, the grandfather of Cole Frazier.

The family of Cole Frazier says they hadn't been able to see the toddler or speak to him in two weeks because of an EPO being filed by his father against Cole's mother, Candice Dempsey, one they say shouldn't have been approved by the court.

"Decided to write a bunch of lies. Untrue, not documented and the judge signs off on it," says Kevin Clark.

They say the court system made a bad decision but they were expected to get Cole back Wednesday.

"For two weeks we haven't seen him and now the next time we see him he'll be in a casket. This is our only grandchild and now we won't have him anymore," says Kevin Clark.

It's a tragic shooting that this family says should never happen to anyone.

"I just hope people pray for us because it's just terrible. I pray to God nobody has to go through this again. He loved that little boy so much and now we'll have to bury him. It's just awful," says Kevin Clark.

According to the Nelson County Jail, Tim Frazier had been arrested nine times since 1998, most of those for driving under the influence, alcohol intoxication, and criminal mischief.

The family of Cole Frazier says funeral arrangements haven't been finalized just yet but they are being handled by Ritchie and Peach Funeral Home in Lawrenceburg.

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