Middle School Students Honor Veterans

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It was a day of remembrance and a day of celebration. There were military members young and old on hand and veterans from as far back as World War II. The middle school band and choir performed for many, including Governor Fletcher.

The students stepped forward and said thank you to those who have served and made a difference for the red, white and blue.

One student said, "I think it means saying thank you to those who fought for our freedom, freedom isn't free. I think it's about saying thanks to those who served overseas and fought for us."

The veterans said they were honored and even humbled by what these students did in their honor.

One veteran said, "they get it, they understand, these kids are the veterans of tomorrow and they need to see and understand this."

Many of the veterans at Garrard County Middle School spent the afternoon with the students, sharing stories and explaining their roles in history.