Lexington Police Join FBI Search For Serial Bank Robber

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In the last year, 'the redneck robber' hit up nearly 25 banks throughout the southeast for cash. Police say 'the redneck robber' made his appearance in may at the Chase Bank in Hamburg.

Police say six months ago, the redneck robber literally showed his face at the Chase Bank. The bank robber has hit banks from Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and right here in the Bluegrass.

The FBI says one man is responsible for robbing at least 25 banks in the past year. Police say 'the redneck robber' has been caught on a number of surveillance tapes at banks throughout the southeast, wearing just a camouflage hat, a beard and never hiding his face.

It wasn't until two months after the Chase Bank on Alysheba was robbed, that Lexington police realized they were dealing with a serial robber. Now the Lexington police Department are working with the FBI and police from seven other states to make sure the man known as the 'redneck robber' is locked up.

Besides wearing a camouflage hat, police say the 'red neck robber' has another trademark. On his right forearm, he wears a bandage to either cover up a birthmark, tattoo, or a scar. Police tells us when 'the redneck robber' is caught, he will face a number of federal robbery charges, plus additional charges.