Testimony underway in double murder trial

For the first time, we're hearing from two women who witnessed a double murder, seven years ago.

Prosecutors wasted no time on the first day of testimony in the murder trial of Jamarkos Campbell.. He's accused of gunning down Bo Upton and Ryan Shangraw.

Prosecutors say Shangraw was a drug dealer and inside his Hubble home was a stash of cocaine. Matthew Tolson says he and 4 others from Richmond went there to steal it.

“To go get the cocaine, to rob them,” Tolson testified of the alleged purpose of breaking into Shangraw’s trailer in February of 2002.

Tolson says he and Deonte Simmons and Jamarokos Campbell went inside where they found Upton and Shangraw along with then 15-year- old Tabitha Wilder and Tara Strunk, then 16. Both testified as to being caught up in hail of gunfire.

“I remember looking at them when they started firing. It happened so fast. In the blink of an eye it was done,” said Strunk.

“Ryan walked to the kitchen and got shot. He fell to the floor,” said Wilder.

There was also testimony that Upton was killed as he was trying to hand over his wallet. Police said bullet holes were found throughout the tiny trailer, as up to 2 dozen rounds were fired, with Campbell allegedly one of the main shooters.

Defense attorneys argue that Jamarkos Campbell was outside during the shootings and that the testimony of the prosecution witnesses is inconsistent.

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