Woman's death now being called suspicious

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Investigators first said a Harrodsburg woman died of natural causes, but a week after she died, her death is now being called suspicious.

Police were called to the home of 43-year-old Debora Kay Brooks last week, where she was found dead in her bed.

With no signs of foul play, it appeared Brooks died peacefully in her sleep. But the autopsy report failed to determine a cause of death.

"There is something unusual about her death, so we are calling it suspicious right now," said Lt. Garry Bradshaw with Harrodsburg Police.

Lt. Bradshaw wouldn't say specifically what he meant by 'unusual' or 'suspicious,' only to say the investigation is open and they must wait for the results of more lab tests before they can rule a cause of death.

So in the meantime, they aren't ruling anything out.

"I just need to know, one way or another what happened to my mom," said Megan Brooks.

Brooks, who lived with her mother at the Belmont Court Apartments, is the one who discovered her mother.

"It's a nightmare, I wasn't told until late Tuesday while at my moms visitation that something may have happened to her," said Brooks.

She says her mother had no health complications, no history of depression and police say there was no evidence Debora committed suicide.

"There's just no explanation, she was a healthy happy woman, so yeah, it's possible something happened to her," said Megan.

Debora Brooks funeral was on Wednesday afternoon, she was buried at the Belleview Cemetery in Danville.

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