Police: Girl lured through internet social site

Police in Laurel County say a man and a juvenile used MySpace to lure a 15 year old girl to the woods, get her drunk, and rape her.

Police say 23 year old Christopher Kidd had a 17 year old find someone they could have sex with.

Through MySpace messages, the juvenile got a 15 year old friend to meet them in the woods near her home where they allegedly used bootlegged vodka to get her drunk, and rape her.

The victim told police she asked to go home several times.

Detective Charles Loomis, with the Laurel County Sheriff's department says, "this was a set up. This 17 year old set this child, set the victim up."

Christopher Kidd and the juvenile are both charged with rape and sodomy.

Kidd is also charged with unlawful transaction with a minor.