Mother says her baby's death could have been prevented

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Candice Dempsey lost her son Tuesday night when police say the boys father shot him then turned the gun on himself.

Dempsey says the child shouldn't have been with the father in the first place.

From the beginning Dempsey says her relationship with 28 year old Timothy Frazier was troubled.

She says, "I tried to turn him around, get him help. All I wanted was a happy family."

Dempsey says she can point to one day when things turned around, saying they were arguing in a car in Bardstown when Frazier became abusive.

When the matter was brought before a judge she says, Frazier claimed he was the one abused and Dempsey says the judge agreed with him.

Frazier had custody of 21 month old Cole, but Dempsey says she had the proof to get Cole back, the police report which shows she was the victim of abuse.

She says Frazier knew she had the proof and went to drastic measures to keep them apart saying, "If he wasn't going to have him than neither was I."

The two were found dead Tuesday night, both as a result of gunshot wounds.

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