Comair: Others Contributed To Crash Of Flight 5191

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - Comair is arguing in new court documents that if the company is found responsible for a plane crash that killed 49 people last summer in Lexington, the airport and the Federal Aviation Administration should share liability.

Thirteen lawsuits have been filed in Kentucky courts against the northern Kentucky airline in connection with the August 27th crash of Flight 5191 at Blue Grass Airport.

Comair claims the airport, which was in the middle of a repaving project, provided inaccurate information that led the pilots to take off from a shorter runway. Comair sued the Urban County Airport Board, which oversees the airport, and the F-A-A in October, also contending that the airport failed to have appropriate lights and signs on the runway to direct pilots.

The airport board denied Comair's allegations that it was at fault and issued a statement saying it provides a safe environment for aircraft.
F-A-A officials said yesterday they could not comment on Comair's allegations because the agency has now been named in some of the lawsuits.

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