Man Slams His SUV Into Apartment Building, Suspect Now Charged With DUI

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Police say two Richmond residents were jolted awake when an SUV plowed through their apartment, about 1:30 Wednesday morning.

Richmond police tell us the vehicle was traveling down Redhouse Road, heading in a south direction. The car then went to make a right turn into the apartment complex on Mt. Rushmore Drive.

But things didn't go according to plan when the driver of that SUV made the turn in the Shawnee Trail Apartments.

We're told the driver then lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the back of an apartment building. The driver then fled the scene, but Richmond police caught up with the driver a short time later.

Police were able to track the driver down at the same apartment complex after following a trail of oil leaking from the SUV. Police say the man was drunk behind the wheel.

One man who slept in the room where the SUV crashed through had to go to the hospital with a sprained shoulder. He tells 27 NEWSFRIST he is grateful to be alive following his rude awakening.

Richmond police tell us the driver of the SUV was Terry Tipton. He is being charged with DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. Richmond police arrested the driver after the crash.