Teen Honored at Graduation

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18-year-old Brittany Ruble did not survive to see high school graduation. The teen was killed in a violent car crash on December 10th. However, her memory is still alive at Nicholas County High School.

The school's graduation ceremony was held Sunday evening. A little girl in a pink cap and gown was seated among the senior class. That little girl is Brittany Ruble's niece. She accepted Ruble's diploma on behalf of her deceased aunt.

Brittany's mother Cynthia Evans told NEWSFIRST that having her daughter honored at the graduation ceremony was a way to help bring her closure. Evans admits that she has had a difficult time dealing with her daughter's death and has memories of her all around her. She has left Ruble's room in the same state it was in the day she died.

A pink dogwood tree was planted in front of Nicholas County High School in Ruble's honor. Evans said that there will also be a community yard sale and a motorcyle ride later this summer to help raise funds to cover the expenses incurred by Ruble's funeral expenses.

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