Mad Mushroom Pizza Robbery

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The robbery happened at Mad Mushroom Pizza around three o'clock Thursday morning. Employees tell us two men entered the back door with a knife and demanded money. They say the men made them lay on the ground as fears about what could happen raced through their minds.

"Is he gonna kill me or what? I told him don't kill me man. I got kids, please. I was scared," said employee Dana Murphy.

The robbers had their faces covered with bandanas and employees tell us they got away with about 400 dollars. Witnesses told police the suspects were seen leaving in a Honda. Lexington police were able to track that car and found money and a knife inside. The suspects got out and ran and police chased down one of them. Store employees identified him as one of the robbers.

The manager of Mad Mushroom tells 27 Newsfirst this is the second time he has been robbed. He is now asking the owner to install an alarm system.