Crash Closes US 68 In Jessamine

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Two people are sent to the hospital after a head-on collision in northern Jessamine County. The crash happened on U.S. 68 near the golf course.
J Jessamine Sheriff's office says the woman who was driving a small Toyota car spun around in the road and hit the a flatbed truck head-on.
It was a violent crash. The Toyota front end was completely destroyed.
Both drivers were taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries.
People who live here say a medical helicopter in a field is an all too familiar scene.
"We have at least one or two accidents in this stretch of road per month. It's more when the roads are wet," said Scott Ramsey, who runs a farm nearby.
"Our deputies work far more accidents here than any other place in the county," said Jessamine Deputy Sheriff Carlton Gay.
Gay said speed and wet roads may have contributed to the crash.