Judge Sentences Man to Years in Prison for Violating Probation

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A judge has sentenced Leon Jewell to jail for seven years.

Judge James Ishmael gave a Jewell a second chance the time he was in court. The judge had only given Jewell probation with the stipulation that Jewell completed re-hab and did not drink alcohol. But after being sober for five months, on his son's birthday, Jewell fell off the wagon.

Jewell confessed he went to a bar in a restaurant on two different occasions and each time he drank seven to eight beers. Jewell's family was in the court room and was very upset with the judge's decision. But the judge did send his sympathy to the family saying it was a sad day, because he doesn't believe Jewell intentionally killed his son.

Jewell's attorney says he plans to submit a motion for shock probation.