Wayne County Couple Killed In Car Crash

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We have learned new information into the crash. Police tell us the couple was on their way home with good news when the tragedy struck. The Pristine Hills in southern Wayne County were home to James "Chester" Lowe all 71 years of his life.

Lowe's father died when he was only six and his family says he worked hard to support them from an early age. His health turned bad and his wife died, but then he re-married Rener whose previous spouse had also died.

It was a new beginning for both Chester and Rener after they found each other. Friends and family say they were inseparable and had a very close loving relationship.

The couple was together Wednesday morning in Somerset when Chester was told by his doctor that his cancer was in remission. The happy pair headed home with the good news that he didn't have see his doctor for another year.

But a short time later, on a rain slicked road called Slick Ford, police say Lowe lost control of his truck, hit a tree and tumbled over the embankment. The accident happened less than a mile from their home.

Now the family is considering taking action in hopes that more guardrails will prevent other families from going through the same grief as they are enduring.

Funeral arrangements for James Chester and Rener Lowe are being handled through the Marvin Hicks Funeral Home in Monticello.