Dog Stuck Under Bus Causes Traffic Delay

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Traffic on New Circle Road at nine in the morning is nothing new. But Friday morning this little dog was the cause of the traffic jam and the chaos that ensued.

"We had a bus stopped on New Circle Road right in front of the Woodhill Shopping Center because a stray dog, we're unable to locate the owner, ran under the bus," said Lexington Police Officer, Jerry McIntyre.

The dog ran under the bus when it stopped in traffic. Other drivers saw what happened and alerted the bus driver. Several people tried unsuccessfully to get the dog to come out. The little animal appeared very scared and snapped at them.

"It will not come out from underneath the bus so we're waiting for the Humane Society to come and take control," McIntyre said.

The Humane Society was able to catch the dog, whose name turned out to be Tracker. They also contacted his owners, who were excited to find their lost pet! Students on the bus were only a little late for school.