Accused Rapist Says He Didn't Escape, He Was Released

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William Burdine's was arrested Thursday outside the Best Buy on Nicholasville Road. Police say the accused rapist escaped from UK Hospital wearing only his underwear.

We spoke with Burdine in jail and he told 27 NEWSFIRST a different story of what happened the day he went missing.

When asked what Burdine was thinking when he left UK Hospital, he says he did not leave, he was released. Burdine says police officers took the hand cuffs off of him and told him to go.

So that's what William Rick Burdine says he did, Burdine tells us in a jail house interview he walked right out of the hospital. That's when Burdine says he couldn't believe it and thought his release was a blessing from God.

Burdine then tells us he ran into a woman who picked him up off the streets. Burdine says he told the stranger he just got out of jail. He says he shared his dark past with the mystery woman, even telling her he was accused of raping a woman at a rest stop off I-75 in 2004.

When asked if he did rape the woman, Burdine answered no. He is still waiting to go to trial for the rape charge, while serving time for drinking and driving, along with a new charge, escape.

Burdine tells us for the short time he was free, he walked all around town, and enjoyed watching people. He says the woman who picked him up, and gave him clothes to wear, was an angle.