Lightning hits homes across central Ky

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Some wild weather Wednesday morning lead to multiple lightning strikes throughout central Kentucky.

As storms rolled through the area, there were several reports of lightning hitting homes.

Early on in Scott County firefighters got two reports of lightning striking homes, one on Enid Drive and another on Pebble Beach Drive.

Heather Hatfield was inside her mother's home on Pebble Beach Drive when lightning struck.

"It was really just a loud crack and the smoke detector beeped a few times so we got up looking around to see what we could see and nothing outside the windows was obvious, but back in the bedrooms it got really hot and we didn't really smell smoke, but we smelled alot of heat", Hatfield says.

When firefighters arrived, they found a hole below a window on the home.

"Inside it blew out an electrical outlet and so there's alot of black around the wall, and we lost a furnace", says Hatfield.

As for the home on Enid Court, firefighters checked the home out, but the homeowner says they found no damage.

There were also reports of lightning strikes in Lexington. Firefighters were called to Keeneland Court, off of Armstrong Mill Road, after a home there was struck by lightning around 10:45.

The home suffered some exterior damage and some fuses in the home were also damaged.

Another home was also reportedly struck by lightning in Frankfort.

None of these lightning strikes resulted in fires, and there were no reported injuries.

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