After losing home in tornado; family gives back

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Nearly a month after tornadoes swirled through parts of Madison County, one family is donating as much as they can from their home that was destroyed.

A wrecking crew arrived early Wednesday morning, ready to take down the shell of a house left behind by the tornado. Before they got to work, Robert Sanchez and his family did some of their own.

They donated many salvageable items to Goodwill and had Habitat for humanity take what they could. Habitat will now sell kitchen cabinets, wiring, pipes windows and doors taken from the condemned home to sell in their Berea Re-Store.

Folks with Habitat say these items would build at least 10-percent of a brand new home. They say they'll be sold at reduced prices in the re-store and be useful to many others living in Madison County who are trying to make their damaged homes live able.

Sanchez says the storm changed his life and his outlook. He and his family will take their giving spirit with them as they move to Missouri.

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