Police try and put an end to weeks of car break-ins

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The victims are saying they thought churches and country clubs were safe places to park their cars, but unlocked doors are attracting thieves.

It's happening at the Macedonia Church on Winchester Road along with the Greenbriar Country Club.

One woman who says her car was broken into while she was working at the church.

Beth Wyatt has worked at the church for five years saying normally it's very safe, in fact Wyatt says she rarely locked her car doors before this happened.

Wyatt says one day while she was working someone entered her car and stole over the counter medication from her car, saying they left her GPS unit behind.

She thinks the thieves were only after things that are difficult to track.

During the same time period a few members at the Greenbriar Country Club reported they too had items taken from unlocked cars.

Police say several checks stolen from a car at the country club were cashed at a Wal-mart. Police are now reviewing surveillance cameras to see if they can catch the people responsible.

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