Gov. Beshear Outlines Special Session Agenda

Governor Beshear says taxes won’t be raised or workers laid off. He says instead state workers will have to give up some of their paid holidays, state government will be cut about 2 and a half percent, and $700 million in federal stimulus money will be used.

All of this the governor wants lawmakers to approve in a special session to start June 15th.

“It avoids the possibility of having to generate money through tax increases, and it avoids the possibility of massive layoffs,” said Sen. Ed Worley, D-Richmond.

Absent from the call right now is a way to possibly bring video lottery terminals to horse racing tracks. But the governor says he could add that in the coming days.

Slots at the tracks is seen as a savior to the horse industry but others see it as political suicide.

“But I do know this, or horse industry is in deep trouble. And I really don’t think there’s much disagreement about that.,” said Gov. Beshear, D-Kentucky.

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