FedEx Van Plunges Into Pond

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It's not a sight you see everyday, a FedEx van in the middle of a pond.

But on Wednesday afternoon, it happened. Thankfully nobody was hurt. However the packages might be a little soggy.

It was around 3:30 Wednesday afternoon when a FedEx driver was pulled over on Winston road near Irvine in Estill County, where he got out of the parked van to check an address of one of the packages when he heard a loud pop, then watched as his van went down a hill through a fence and into the water.

"I didn't know what to think, other than holy crap," Richie Hall said.

Hall was outside when it happened and he saw the van plunge into the pond.

"I called 911 and then ran over to the pond to make sure the driver was ok, he was just standing by the fence," said Hall.

It took over an hour to remove the van from the pond. Crews broke multiple chains while trying to pull it out.

"I've been with state police for eight years and I've never seen anything like this, it's a first," Trooper Charles Bowman, with Kentucky State Police.

There were about a dozen undelivered packages floating in the muddy water.

"The driver just dove in and started getting the packages out of the pond," said Hall.

It's unknown what caused the parked vehicle which wasn't running to run away.

"We are leaning towards engine problems, like I said, there was some sort of loud pop right before the van started down the hill," said Trooper Bowman.

The driver is not facing any charges, however the property owner tells 27NEWSFIRST FedEx has offered to pay for the expense to repair the damages to their fence line.

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