Details emerge in accused murder case

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Details emerge in the case involving a central Kentucky doctor accused of murdering his wife.

Friday, May 29 was a day that was meant to be celebrated. It was the anniversary of Dr. Steven and Isabel Hall.

"They were out on the lake celebrating their anniversary, they had a picnic, and he had written her some songs on a cd", says Steve Romines, Hall's defense attorney.

But on that day, there would be no celebration. Isabel Hall died when she was hit by a boat, driven by her husband Steven Hall.

On the stand today, Detective Bill Collins with Kentucky State Police told the courtroom, including the family of Isabel Hall, the gruesome details of her injuries and what he was told by Dr. Steven Hall at Herrington Lake that day.

"That he and his wife got into an altercation over an off-color comment he made referencing another woman's breasts. He stated he was bit by her. He says he shoved her off the boat", says Detective Collins.

From there, police say Dr. Hall hit his wife with the pontoon boat after she yelled for help.

"He even said she said 'Help me. He's going to kill me', says Detective Collins.

Witnesses told police Steven Hall tied his wife's body to the pontoon boat. Hall told police he jumped in to save her and when he realized there was nothing he could do, he tied her to the boat. He says he couldn't get her on the boat, and called 911 to get help.

Detective Collins told the courtroom police had not checked yet to see if that call was made.

Hall's attorney argued it was not an intentional act that happened at Herrington Lake. He says Dr. Hall admits he was trying to scare his wife. He also says Dr. Hall lost his glasses on the boat, and has horrible eyesight.

"Without his glasses he can't see two feet in front of him", says Steve Romines.

A big part of this case Romines believes has been overlooked, and murder charges he says were too quick to be filed.

"It's a text book example of making your decision as soon as you arrive and then trying to get evidence to support that decision", says Steve Romines.

Dr. Steven Hall's bond was set at two million dollars. His case was waived to a grand jury.

Harrodsburg Doctor Steven Hall is accused of running over his wife, Isabel, with their boat on Herrington Lake. Earlier this week, Hall pleaded not guilty.

He says he drove the boat toward her to scare her, but accidentally hit her.

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