83-year-old graduates high school

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Edward Cox, an 83-year-old World War II veteran, never got his high school diploma.

"It's something I've been after for 67 years," says Cox.

He dropped out of school in 1942 and enlisted in the Navy. But this long-time carpenter and now great grandfather is getting a second chance, thanks to a state law awarding diplomas to veterans who were unable to complete high school before their service in the armed forces.

"I served my country," says Cox. "I think I deserve it."

The 83-year old will walk down the aisle with Henry Clay High School's Class of 2009 Friday night.

"It's really something to celebrate an 83-year old getting his high school diploma," says neighbor Helen Leet. She says their neighborhood is excited for Cox.

Though the great grandfather says he wished he had gotten his diploma earlier, he says he's still had a great run on life.

"It didn't hinder me a bit," says Cox. "I had a good career as a carpenter and enjoyed all of it, and once I get my diploma, I can go up on my price."

With his cap and gown ready to go, Cox now just needs to decide where the diploma will hang.

"I'll hang it somewhere I can be proud of it," he says.

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