Security Upgrades At Central Kentucky Courthouse

A deputy was hurt and an inmate shot.
Now, two years after an escape at the Bourbon County Courthouse security upgrades are finally complete.
Chaos erupted inside the Bourbon County Courthouse September 29th 2004.
Officers searched Paris streets frantically for Larry Crump who broke free, overpowered a bailiff and stole a gun outside a holding cell just minutes before he was due in court and took off. Police eventually found him hiding out in a woman's basement. He was shot during his arrest. He survived but his actions left many wondering how the escape could have happened.
Now two years later the 125 thousand dollars in security changes at the courthouse are complete. Some of the changes include a new barb wire fence at the sally port. Inmates are now shackled with chains and handcuffs instead of leather belts and handcuffs.
The sheriff says there hasn't been escape since and he hopes the changes keep things that way.