Drivers Learn New Way To Navigate U.K.

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Drivers in Lexington are learning the new way to navigate around the University of Kentucky campus and the Chandler Medical Center today after Rose street was officially closed at South Limestone last night.
Some drivers say the changes were confusing.
"I came to drop my son off at daycare, and I'm having a hard time getting out of here," said Brian Begley.
Most of the problems came this morning from drivers ignoring signs. Some students say they were late for class due to changes in the bus system in that part of campus.
" My commute is a little longer, and the bus terminal I normally use is closed now. But it should be for the good of the campus and the hospital, so it's okay," said U.K. Student Ashley Killinder.
Bob Wiseman, the vice president for facilities at the university say the change went extremely smooth.
"it went about as well as it could have gone," Wiseman said. "there's going to be a learning curve for a few weeks, but we hope after that it just becomes routine again."
University officials have asked drivers to not go past the new intersection on Rose near Hospital drive unless they have business at the hospital.