Demolition company files lien against CentrePointe

LEXINGTON, KY -- The demolition company that razed 17 buildings last year to make way for the proposed CentrePointe development on West Main Street has filed a lien against CentrePointe LLC for non-payment, reports the Lexington Herald-Leader in its Saturday edition.

The lien for $73,000 is for the cost of labor and materials to remove concrete fill underneath the parking lot in the middle of the block, said John Conley, president of Diversified Demolition, adding that the request to remove the material came at the end of the work to clear the block.

"I have not been paid in full," he said. "The $73,000 is the balance owed."

However, CentrePointe developer Dudley Webb said on Friday that Conley has been paid the contracted amount of $571,000 to demolish the buildings on the block.

Diversified Demolition was paid the final installment even before the last of the work was finished, Webb said.

"When we got ready to settle up, we walked the block," Webb said. "I pointed out there was five feet of debris across the site that needed to come out."

At the time, Conley said he needed the final payment before removing that last five feet, Webb said, adding he advanced Conley the final amount.

But, according to Webb, the work was never completed. Instead, he received a bill for the $73,000.

Conley said Webb told him that "as soon as the financing comes through," he would be paid. "In any of our business transactions, Dudley has always been honest with me."

However, Webb said lack of financing for the project was not the reason Conley had not been paid, "but because we don't owe it."

Of the lien, "I did not want to do it," Conley said. "It's just business. There are no hard feelings."

The CentrePointe project is for a luxury hotel and condominium project on West Main Street in downtown Lexington, reports the Lexington Herald-Leader.

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