One Person Killed in I-75 Accident

Road construction signs are common along I-75 in Laurel County. A lot of road work is taking place, but at the same time, accidents are becoming frequent as well.

“We've had several lately,” says Trooper Jack Riley of Kentucky State Police, including the deadly crash Tuesday afternoon near the 49 mile marker in northern Laurel County.

That accident is in the same stretch of highway where there's been several wrecks in the past few months.

In October a crash involved several tractor trailers. There was another deadly crash along Interstate 75 in Laurel County in August.

Police say the common factor in all three accidents was slowing traffic for construction in the area.

“Traffic was backed up due to construction; there was construction signs placed out. The other vehicle had come over a hill crest and rear ended the tractor trailer,” said Riley, describing Tuesday’s accident in which the driver of a utility truck was killed.

The problem, according to police, is that drivers aren't paying enough attention.

“Be aware and slow down. Give them a little bit of time to get to where they're going. Leave a little early,” said Riley.

The Tuesday accident comes on the eve of the Thanksgiving holiday period in which last year there were more than 1,000 accidents and 12 people were killed.