South Limestone business owners concerned

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The city of Lexington has plans to do some major work on South Limestone between Euclid and Vine Streets. Plans call for replacing sewer lines, establishing a dedicated bike lane, installing new street lights, burying utility lines, and installing wider sidewalks.

Many business owners along the busy corridor say they look forward to the completion of the projects but are worried that their businesses will suffer while the work is being done. The main source of their concern is a complete closure of the street while the project is underway.

The project is slated to last for several months and some small businesses can't handle the potential loss of customer traffic during that time frame.

Business owners along the corridor will be met with city officials on at Hanna's on Lime Sunday afternoon to discuss their concerns. Several business owners said they felt the city was not as forthcoming as it should have been about the impact the project will have in terms of street closures.

The bidding process for the project is underway and closes on June 19th. City leaders assured business owners that they will consider all of their concerns as they approach breaking ground on the project. They also said that it will be imperative to hire a contractor who will clearly outline the project to business owners and keep them informed of the project's plan and progress.

The business owners along the corridor plan to formally present their concerns to the full city council as well as their suggestions for how the project should move forward with minimal impact to their bottom line.

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