Town Receives Assistance For Extensive Flood Damage

Residents are preparing to move back into their homes now above flood stage. The small town of Olive Hill is all too familiar with flooding. In just the past 10 years, the town has suffered millions of dollars in property damage as the Tygarts Creek has overflown its banks due to heavy rains.

One resident affected by the floods, Alma Tabor, has lived through three floods herself losing everything she owned.

Tabor says, "it was devastating to see everything thrown out and hauled out. It was hard.

Despite recent tragedy Alma and people like her now have reason for hope. The once flood prone Hydreco Village has been rebuilt literally from the ground up with 12 new buildings raised 6 to 8 feet above flood stage.

The new housing should be ready by January which will be somewhat of a late Christmas gift for most of these folks. But that's alright with them because they're excited to finally have a place where they can feel safe.

The construction project includes 38 new units costing an estimated 4 millions dollars.