New Information Could Affect Your Pocket Book And Your Driving Record

We sifted through hundreds of pages of tickets looking to see where the nearly 10 thousand speeding tickets have been written in the last 8 months.

After researching the thousands of tickets written by police officers, we've learned that number 10 is on Sir Barton Way. It seems that 277 tickets have been written on this stretch in the last 8 months. The congested shopping area is only 35 miles per hour and most have been caught going 50.

Lexington police say the high number of fender benders in this area have caused them to come out and patrol. The 9th most likely place to get a speeding ticket, is Richmond Road.

If you haven't noticed the speed limit goes from 35 to 55 in a matter of minutes, you've probably been stopped. Richmond Road has accounted for 300 tickets this year.

We'll bring you more on these interesting facts on 27 NEWSFIRST.