Police Bust Meth Lab In Jessamine County Mobile Home

Police crews are still trying to dismantle a meth lab found inside a trailer at the Tates Creek Estates Mobile Home Park in northern Jessamine County early Wednesday Morning.

Police say they've arrested a wanted sex offender while working the scene. We're also told police found 30-year old Joseph Florian in the area, who is a ten year registrant for 3rd degree rape of a 15 year old.

Police tell us four people have been arrested, but their names are not available yet. Jessamine County Sheriff detectives say they found the lab while looking for a wanted person at 173 Sims Avenue.

Detective John Bourne says "in searching for this person...that lead us to the room where the meth lab was located."

Detectives say the entire house was as meth operation and even had a ventilation fan in the room where the lab was found.