Kentucky State Police Increase Patrols For Thanksgiving Weekend

Kentucky State Police will be very visible with increased patrols and safety checkpoints statewide starting at 6:00 Wednesday night. The increased security will continue until 11:59pm on Sunday.

To keep the Thanksgiving holiday safe and pleasant make sure to obey the speed limits, and never drink and drive.

The highways are sure to be packed with travelers and state troopers say they will be using some sophisticated equipment to keep the roadways safe.

One state trooper says, " we constantly have to keep up with new technology. We use unmarked police cars and have one vehicle that will run the laser. They will call out to chase vehicles that are marked vehicles on the ramp behind us, the description of the vehicle, the speed they were going, and assign them a number.

The trooper goes on to say, "that unit will make the stop and relay the information back to the original officer that called it out. You can actually put a dot on a vehicle and say that's the vehicle that is speeding as opposed to radar, it's a lot more work to it than the actual laser. The laser is gonna tell you the speed of that particular vehicle that's running in the pack."

With that kind of commitment, don't expect a lot of warnings to be issued this holiday weekend.

A state trooper says, "the majority of them will be citations. We think we've done a good job of getting the information out there that we're gonna be out there enforcing the law and that's warning enough we're gonna be out there."