Two home invasions under investigation

Georgetown police are looking into two overnight home invasions, but in one case the suspect got much more than he bargained for.

A man who lives on Copperfiled Lane, off Seminole Trial, says he hears someone knocking on his window at around 2:00 Tuesday morning.

The homeowner says he got his gun and went to see what the man wanted.

The homeowner says the man was visibly drunk, asking to see someone named Jenna, who doesn't live there.

The homeowner says the man tried to force his way into the home and them two started wrestling on the lawn of the home.

The homeowner says he then went to get his gun and the would-be intruder ran off.

About an hour later, police were called to another home invasion across town. Police say in that case, three people broke into a home.

Police say the suspects and the victims knew each other and where there to settle a debt.

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