Kentucky-Tennessee Business Border Battle

Kenny Moose Burchfield is a diehard Tennessee fan, but with a business on the state line he says his bread and butter comes from Kentucky. But last spring when he bet and lost, that his basketball Vols would beat Kentucky, Wildcat fans rubbed it in.

“Not only did I have to eat crow, had to eat a little pheasant, little buzzard,” says Burchfield.

But he's again optimistic Tennessee's football team will win the border battle over Kentucky. If Tennessee wins, he wants a business owner in Kentucky to wear a women's Tennessee cheerleading outfit. He's agreed to wear a Kentucky uniform if the Wildcats win.

The Kentucky fan won't comment on the bet.

“He's afraid if you do interview him, it will jinx him,” says Burchfield, the store owner north of the border in McCreary County, Kentucky.

Earlier in the basketball season the bet had to deal with clothing, with the football game it now has to do a four-wheeler called a “Rhino.” It will make a trip south to Tennessee if the wildcats win.

“He’s (Burchfield) agreed to ride this up and down Hwy. 27 in front of his store. After the game,” says Tim Myers, a Kentucky fan who works for Burchfield at Kenny’s Rowboat in Winfield, Tennessee.

Last March Burchfield wore Kentucky blue for five days. Now Kentucky fans are hoping to see him drive it as well.