School officials: men had ongoing conflict

We're learning more today about an ongoing dispute between a murder victim and the man police say shot him inside a Lexington middle school.

Police say Brian McGuire shot and killed Jose Daniel Donato on Tuesday morning. Both men were custodians at Leestown Middle School.

Officials with Fayette County Schools addressed the shooting during a press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

Superintendent Stu Silberman says the two men had been working together for a year and they just didn't get along.

Silberman says McGuire filed a complaint against Donato on Monday. He claims Donato physically threatened him.

The investigation would have started Tuesday into that complaint, meaning Donato would have been placed on leave for the duration of the investigation.

School officials asked McGuire when he filed the complaint if he felt threatened, if he felt something bad was going to happen if McGuire came to work Tuesday. He said no.

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