Casey County Students Greeted With Extra Security

A security guard checked drivers in and out of Casey County School's main campus Monday morning. But that safety feature was added about a year ago. However, the sight of police cars outside the high school isn't something most are used to.

“I think that the school is doing a good job of trying to protect other children,” says Connie Cochran, whose teenage son joined others returning to school Monday after the longer than expected Thanksgiving break.

Extra protection for students was added early Monday after police say a note was found in the first floor boy's bathroom at Casey County High School last Tuesday. Administrators called off all school activities planned for Tuesday afternoon and evening and closed schools for students and staff for Wednesday.

“I was really shocked that children would go to that extreme,” says Cochran.

Extreme circumstances bring extreme measures, such as police officers escorting students into the building at the start of the day.

“They were directed to either go to the gym here, or into the cafeteria at the other end of the building,” says Richard Francioni, Liberty Police’s school resource officer.

Police are still not releasing much of what was said in the note. But they will say it was a very vague threat. Police say they are very confident they will make an arrest.

Young children are often told not to tattle, but that's just what administrators are hoping a high school student does.

“You know, kids talk; talk amongst themselves. They talk on the internet and I think sooner or later they information will come to light,” says Officer Francioni.

Police say such information that could result in a $500 reward.