Crash Survivor Says She Was Drinking Before Accident

New information in a deadly crash.

A woman eight months pregnant died last week after the pickup truck she was riding in crashed and burst into flames.

It happened on Kentucky 643 near Crab Orchard the day before Thanksgiving.

Another woman and her newborn son were pulled from the flames.
Now the crash survivor is talking about what went wrong.

Carole Foley says she and Brandy Ison drank a few beers and took prescription anti-depressants before getting behind the wheel.

Ison and her unborn son died in the crash.

Foley doesn't deny she had been drinking, and says she shouldn't have been behind the wheel.
Her neck was broken in the accident.

Foley's three week old son in back seat when the truck crashed. The newborn was the only person in the truck that was buckled up, and the only one uninjured.

Social Services took the baby from Foley. She says she will fight to get him back
So far, no charges have been filed in connection to the Accident.