Former mayor rescued from house fire

Milton Roberts' home was spared a lot of damage, thanks to the city's firefighters and his life was spared, thanks to the quick work of 3 police officers.

Sgt. Joseph Bybee describes the smoke filled home of former Monticello Mayor Milton Roberts Wednesday morning.

“It’s a hot smoke, burn(s) your throat,lungs, suffocation,” says Bybee.

That was the condition inside the home when ,he and Officer Allen Braden, along with Operation Unite special agent Chris Lyons, jumped in, after they realized that Roberts was trapped inside.

“I think he was on the verge of passing out, getting in pretty bad shape,” said officer Braden.

So the 3 officers picked up Roberts, still in his wheelchair, and carried him outside to safety.

Roberts is now in the Wayne County hospital, but the officers know had they arrived later, he probably would not have survived.

“He was getting overcome by the smoke. I mean no longer than we were in there, it was getting to us,” said Sgt. Bybee.

They say it is all in a day's work, but the police chief is calling the men heroes.

“It feels good, makes job worthwhile,” they said.

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