Cell Phone Light Saves Crash Victim's Life

It was an amazing rescue in the Red River Gorge Tuesday night.

A motorcyclist lost control and ran-off highway 715 along the Powell-Menifee County line.

Rescue crews searched the dark woods for more than an hour, but could not find him.

While crews searched, the man's friends stayed on the phone with dispatchers telling them what he was text messaging them.

The man, badly injured told rescuers he tried to call 911, but he kept losing signal from his cell phone.

Finally, he thought to text message his friends and told them to get help.

After more than an hour, the injured man told his friends through texting that he heard sirens nearby.

The Powell County Assistant Fire Chief then saw the light from the man's cell phone and rescuers were able lift him out of the Gorge.

He was airlifted to UK medical center with critical injuries. Those injuries are not considered life threatening.